Sealy Dreamworld Alder Memory Double Size Mattress

The Dreamworld Alder Memory mattress from Sealy is an excellent option for those who change sleeping positions during the night. It features both a su … Read more
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The Dreamworld Alder Memory mattress from Sealy is an excellent option for those who change sleeping positions during the night. It features both a supportive spring system and memory foam, creating a comfortable mattress that will help you get a great night's sleep.

Product Highlights/Features
Size: Double (4' 6" x 6' 3") (135 x 190cm)
Depth: 31cm
Mattress Tension: Medium to Firm
Warranty: 5 Years

*Delivery: 3 - 5 weeks direct from Sealy*

620 Posturetech Spring System - Sealy Posturetech Spring Systems are designed to provide a softer feel that gradually gets firmer as pressure increases without compromising on comfort. The springs are twice tempered, which provides greater resilience and extends the life of your mattress even more.

Memory Foam - Memory foam is an innovative material designed to shape itself to the contours of your body and then spring back into shape when pressure is released. Memory foam mattresses can offer valuable sleep support in a number of ways, such as enhancing circulation, equalizing pressure to relieve back problems, promote better spinal alignment, and reducing the effect of allergens for a fresher, healthier night's sleep.

Zoned Support - Zonal technology correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains. Sealy Posturepedic are the only sleep systems endorsed by the world renowned Orthopedic Advisory Board.

Adaptive Technology - Textiles used in this mattress is designed to dynamically respond to temperature change, helping to keep individuals comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you get too hot and then release it back into the environment when you cool down. This material protects against overheating by balancing temperature swings that cause restless night’s sleep.

Smart Fibres - Smart Fibre mattresses with Purotex hold Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval endorsement. It is so important that those suffering with house dust mite allergy are able to confidently choose a mattress that will help them to reduce the allergens in their bedroom, in the knowledge that it has undergone stringent scientific testing. This is delivered with essential elements, Purotex microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress to reduce mould and moisture. The 100% natural solution for a fresh, hygienic and dust-mite free mattress and endorsed by Allergy UK.

Micro-Quilted Cover - A more contemporary method of securing the mattress fillings, where the top comfort layers are quilted together providing a smoother looking sleeping surface.

Flag stitched Handles - Handles on both sides for ease of moving and positioning.

Easy Care - No need to turn, but regular rotation from head to toe will extend the mattresses life span.

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Our standard delivery charge per order is £6.99 (£2.95 for gift vouchers).